The Official Guide to the Orlando StarFlyer

Orlando is home to some of the most exciting and thrilling tourist attractions that millions of tourists head out to it every year to experience it. From the well-known theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios to water resorts, and everything in between, you will not run out of fun things to do here.

Of course, the city can be pretty crowded, especially during peak season, but don’t worry, because Orlando has tons of other places for you to enjoy like the incredible  Orlando StarFlyer.

What is the Orlando StarFlyer?

You don’t have to be in a theme park or pay theme park prices to experience a super thrilling ride. ICON Park Orlando has something that even the most avid thrill-seekers are bound to enjoy, and that’s the StarFlyer. Known as the world’s tallest swing ride, the Orlando StarFlyer stands at 450 feet which is sure to make your jaw drop once you see it for the first time. It is one of the tallest structures in Orlando with its neighboring  Wheel at ICON Park running a close second at 400 feet high. 

Rendering of The Wheel, StarFlyer and new attractions

What to Expect from the Orlando StarFlyer?

The StarFlyer Orlando certainly draws the crowd as it stands at 450 feet tall, towering above the Wheel by 50 feet. You will be experiencing the tallest swing ride there is. Once all the riders have been seated and safely harnessed, you will be lifted to a height of 425 feet in the air, where you’ll be spinning 360 degrees with speeds going up to 60mph. At this height, there won’t be any obstruction around you, which means that you can see the entire Orlando area from this amazing height! That is if you can manage to keep your eyes open while rotating at fast speeds. 

The ride lasts for about  3 minutes, which is enough for you to see the sights around Orlando and to experience the thrill of flying fast and freely.  The spinning swing will slow down gently before you are brought back down to the ground. You will not be able to leave your seat until the operator unlocks the harness and seatbelt. [2]

When Did StarFlyer Open?

StarFlyer, the tallest Orlando swing, had its grand opening on June 1, 2018, at 4 p.m near The Wheel at ICON Park. Guests are placed in a double seat securely before being taken up the 450 feet high tower which is taller than the 400-foot Observation Wheel while being rotated up to 60mph.

The Star Flyer was built in Austria before it was transported to Orlando in shipping containers. To create the tallest swing, the manufacturer had to use 1000 tons of steel, 8000 feet of electrical cables, 6000 feet of steel cables, and 110,000 bolts to install it. Exactly 1400 cubic yards of concrete were used to create the foundation, and it is 88 feet in diameter. 

The StarFlyer is equipped with 24 seats and is open to riders of all ages. It does have a minimum height for the ride though, which is 44 inches. This attraction is fully capable of operating up to 45 mph with winds, but it will not run when there are wind gusts for the safety of the riders. This swing has a maximum speed of 60mph but will usually settle in at 45 mph, which is plenty!

The ticket cost is  $12 per person, or $10 if you buy online, with repeat rides available at $7. You can jump on this ride l from noon to midnight, so everyone can get a chance to experience the thrill of riding the tallest swing in the world. [3]

How to Swing on the StarFlyer Orlando

If you’re heading out to International Drive to visit ICON Park, your eyes will probably be drawn immediately to the StarFlyer which stands tall near the Wheel. For those who love to ride roller coasters, you will perhaps be seeking other attractions that will make you feel the adrenaline rush. Well, at such heights, this swing is one of the most exciting and thrilling rides that you’ll experience while you are on I-Drive. 

So, how do you ride this amazing spinning swing? 

  • It will take you about 4 minutes starting from lift-off until you are back on the ground. The swings will then rise straight up for a little while until it starts to spin during the rise. If you think you will be swinging in one direction, think again. StarFlyer has a reverse mode which adds to the excitement of this ride. 
  • There are a few rules to consider when riding StarFlyer, and these are no spinning, swinging, and twisting in your seats. Any loose items, such as sunglasses, hats, and loose shoes like flip-flops, should be left behind. It can be pretty windy up there, which is why you need to secure everything. 
  • Other restrictions include no expectant mothers as well as those who have high blood pressure or heart conditions. If you are a bit intoxicated, you will not be allowed to ride StarFlyer.
  • There is plenty of room below the towering attraction for those who are not into this thrilling ride. You can get an adult beverage too if you want to work up the courage, but not much because if you are visibly intoxicated you will not be allowed to ride.. [4]

Why Visit ICON Park in Orlando?

Are you still wondering why you should include The Wheel at ICON Park on International Drive to your list of places to visit while you are on vacation in the city? Well, here are a few more reasons why you should.

The Wheel & StarFlyer at Night
  • The Wheel. If you want to get a better view of Orlando, then The Wheel is a great bet. Standing at 400 feet high from the ground, this massive observation  Wheel provides you with a 360-degree view of the city where you can see the theme parks and other hotspots from high above. If you’re traveling with your partner, you can use this ride for special arrangements too as a romance capsule or gender reveal for you and your friends, and of course, can always be taking amazing shots from above. 
  • Orlando StarFlyer. If you think that The Wheel is the tallest attraction here, check out the StarFlyer which is 50 feet higher than The Wheel. This tall swing ride can also provide you with a 360-degree view of the city, but it’s hard to take photos way up high and while being spun around. Don’t worry; this is a safe ride as you will be wearing a seatbelt and leg harness which can only be unlocked by the ride operator. Those who have tried this ride recommend that you try this ride in the morning and once in the evening to get a different kind of experience.
  • Madame Tussauds. ICON Park also features Madame Tussauds, the famous wax museum, where you can be up close and personal to some of the hottest stars, world leaders, television personalities, music, and movie stars to name a few. You can check out Justice League while you are here too, complete with interactive games for you to enjoy.
  • Arcade City. Another reason why you should visit ICON Park is that you can bring your kids to Arcade City where there will be tons of games as well as amusement centers to while away the hours. You can check out the modern arcade as well as prize games where you and your kids can have fun playing the entire day. 
  • Dining options. If you’re looking for a restaurant, this amusement park will not disappoint. You can check out the Yard House, Tapa Toro Tapas Bar, as well as the Paella Pit. There is live music as well as dancing too, which will make your time here even more exciting.
  • SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium. You shouldn’t miss the SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium while you’re in the area. One of its most amazing features is the 360-degree underwater tunnel,  the only one in Florida. Aside from the tunnel, there are interactive live shows and more exhibits that will teach you about the various sea creatures from the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans. [5]

StarFlyer Orlando is a sight to see. This towering spinning wheel is going to be the highlight of your trip to ICON Park, and with the nearby attractions, there’s no reason to spend every minute in the more crowded theme parks in the city. For sure, you will be coming back for more once you experience this thrilling ride. 


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