Spotlight on OX Grill Contemporary Cuisine

At ICON Park, we’re known all over town for our top-notch variety of restaurants, bars, and other dining options. From the fist-bumping bombast of Sugar Factory to the chill, urban vibe of Uncle Julio’s to the upcoming dance and dine experience at Ole Red, we’ve got flavorful fun on hand for every set of taste buds.

Today, we’d like to take a moment to put the spotlight on Ox Grill Contemporary Cuisine– the newest member of the ICON Park family. This eclectic new eatery is a proud Orlando original, and offers a fine dining experience that, in our opinion, humbles every other in the City Beautiful. Since opening its doors back in October of 2019, Ox Grill’s kitchen has been serving up dishes from around the world.

Of course, Ox Grill’s internationally inspired menu far surpasses just faithful recreations of dishes everyone does. From the spiced chocolate lamb chops to the seafood squid ink tonnarelli, each unique option is prepared through a creative blend of tradition and innovation. But the story of this exquisite fare doesn’t just stop at “Yum!” and “Wow!”

In fact, many items on the menu come from the globetrotting adventures of the genius behind Ox Grill, Chef Marcelos Benegas. Born in Brazil, Chef Benegas has trained and perfected the culinary art in kitchens all around the world. Every savory option on Ox Grill’s menu reflects and remembers the journeys his palette has taken while cooking around the world. Take it from us, once you’ve had a meal here, you (or you taste buds at least) will feel like you’ve been on tasting tour across the globe!

Ox Grill has also made a name for itself as a top-notch location for corporate events and private parties. Having mastered flavors from every corner of the earth, Chef Benegas is known to serve up a spread that will get even the pickiest mouths in your party watering. Not to mention, the sheer elegance of this state-of-the-art restaurant will make you feel like you’re dining on top of the world! If this sounds like the perfect place for your next party (and seriously, how could it not?), check out Ox Grill’s event options HERE.  

An adventurous evening of sumptuous food and taste bud wanderlust await you at Ox Grill Contemporary Cuisines, the newest addition to the ICON Park family. So, leave your passport at home and bring your appetite down to Orlando’s Hometown Playground. Bon Appetit!  

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