New Year and New Adventures at ICON Park

If you’re reading this­, CONGRATULATIONS! You made it through 2020! While last year certainly posed some unthinkable challenges, it also left some unforgettable memories here at Orlando’s Hometown Playground. From honoring our heroic first responders to welcoming the ripsnortnin’ Ole Red to our iconic family, 2020 was a year that transformed us for the better.

As we roll into 2021, we’re already preparing to up the party in new and exciting ways. Mind-bending magic, rollicking cyber thrills, and free-falling exhilaration are all on the horizon for your favorite place to play this year. So, get your crystal balls ready, because it’s time to peer ahead into the new year and new adventures at ICON Park.

The Museum of Illusions

Get ready to have your mind blown! On January 9, the world-renowned Museum of Illusions is opening its doors into a world of weirdness. At this playground of the bizarre, you’ll suspend your senses in over 50 interactive exhibits that will tease your brain and tickle your perception of reality. Be sure to have those phones in camera mode, because unfathomable photo ops aplenty are waiting in the boundless Infinity Room, the topsy-turvy Reverse Room, and other impossible realms. We’ll see you there! Or will we…?

In the Game

Time to get your head “in the game!” An all-new virtual experience is loading here at ICON Park. Early this year, In the Game will completely explode your definition of an “arcade” with some high-tech attractions, transporting you on amazing cyber adventures. From a winding maze of mirrors to a high stakes escape room to a speedy space race, there’s no telling where your digital journeys will take you. New information about In the Game is uploading soon, so be sure to stay plugged in!

ICON Park Drop Tower

Think that size doesn’t matter? Well, this summer, we’re excited to prove all the belittlers wrong with a HUGE new name in entertainment. Standing at a dizzying 430 ft, the ICON Park Drop Tower will be the largest attraction of its kind in the entire world. This goliath will take the steel-stomached on a rotating ascent into the Central Florida sky before plummeting at 75 miles-per-hour. We can’t wait to see you take the plunge, if you have the guts!

ICON Park Slingshot

Also joining ICON Park’s family of giants this summer is the ICON Park Slingshot. Adding another attraction to the “world’s tallest” category, this state-of-the-art ride will launch fearless riders 450 ft. in the air out of the mouth of a bubbling volcano. Topping out at speeds of 100 miles-per-hour, you’ll definitely want to hang on to your seats (and your nerve).

Are you stoked yet?! There’s no doubt, 2021 is already shaping up to be an incredible year here at ICON Park. While our offerings (and skyline) continue to grow to new heights, we remain committed to being Orlando’s true hometown playground. Nothing is more important to us than the joy and safety of our neighbors from around the block and around the world. No matter what this year brings, we are proud to be your place to play, party, and own the sky. Our iconic family hopes to see yours for a new year and new adventures at ICON Park.

ICON Park Is Open!

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